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Our Community. Our Oshawa.

ORCA promotes the interests of ratepayers and residents of the city of Oshawa by carefully monitoring city spending of resident's tax dollars. 

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Advocating For Oshawa Residents

Ensuring Accountability at City Hall 


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ORCA is committed to uphold the interests of Oshawa's residents and be a strong voice for our city. 

What are your concerns as a resident of Oshawa?
We want to hear from YOU! 


Created by Oshawa Residents for Oshawa Residents.

ORCA is a not-for-profit organization serving the residents of Oshawa. The one common thread of the initial Directors for ORCA is their love and dedication for Oshawa.


We look forward to voting in the Board of Directors of the Oshawa Residents Community Association in our inaugural meeting in February 2023. 

As a member, you will have an opportunity to cast your vote as well! Become a member to receive updates on this matter and others regarding ORCA. 

Property Taxation

Economic Development

Environmental Issues

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